David Messenger and Adam Stearns

Monday 16th April 2012

At the Association of Surgeons in Training (ASIT) meeting in Cardiff on 24 March, Andrew Kingsnorth presented the first two travelling Fellowships for surgeons in training. David Messenger (below, left) was awarded the £1000 Shorland Hosking Fellowship named after the surgeon from Poole who died tragically in an air accident shortly after returning from an Operation Hernia mission to Nigeria. The money to sustain this award for 5 years was donated largely by Howard Eggleston (see Fundraising page), with a top-up from ASIT. Adam Stearns (below, right) was awarded the £1500 Pitts-Tucker Fellowship named after the family trust which donated the award as a result of hearing about Operation Hernia during a lecture delivered at the Royal Society for Asian Affairs – this Fellowship is to be used exclusively for travelling with a mission to Mongolia.