Lima, Peru

Thursday 12th April 2012

The President of the Society of General Surgeons of Peru, Dr Jaime Herrera organised Operation Hernia’s first mission to Peru, during February 11-25. The team (Andrew Kingsnorth, Dr Scott Leckmann, Dr Denis Blasquez, Dr Petr Bystricky and Dr James Brewer) operated in Hopital Punte Piedra (HPP) situated in the poverty-stricked settlements to the North of Lima, and in the Hopital La Maria Auxiliadora (LMA)serving the deprived area to the South. At HPP the team were very ably assisted by Dr Miguel Jorge and at LMA by Dr Miguel Flores. An incredible 183 patients with 211 hernias received surgery, 40 residents assisted and observed the operations, lectures were given to the Surgical Society, terrific hospitality was enjoyed and Peruvian culture indulged to the full.