Spanish Team, Takoradi, Ghana 16-23 MAY 2009

The Spanish mission 2009 is done!!!! Lots of satisfactions and lots of difficulties, but we feel again that our support to the people in Ghana is important and highly-valued by the Ghanaians.

Spanish Team 2009

Spanish Team 2009

Large hernias, hydroceles and different emergencies were treated by a very well-balanced team of nurses, anaesthesiologists, general surgeons and paediatric surgeons. Spain is excited about the Operation Hernia Project and about having the chance to help people in developing countries. In fact many professionals asked about the possibilities of going to Ghana and so we ended up by creating two teams, the first one being composed of 14 professionals, including 3 nurses, 4 anaesthesiologists, 1 paediatric surgeon, 5 general surgeons and 1 allergist who supported the local doctors and nurses as a general doctor.

First of all, we would like to thanks our institutions who supported the project with drugs and equipment and specially by letting 14 professionals leave for Ghana in the middle of the local situation in which we live nowadays in our hospitals, the University Hopsital Virgen del Rocío (Sevilla), USP-Clínica Sagrado Corazón (Sevilla), Hospital Rio Tinto (Huelva), Hospital Infanta Elena (Huelva) and Hospital del Mar (Barcelona). A total of 11 people from Sevilla, 2 from Huelva and 1 from Barcelona who were locally also supported with an investment of money for surgical equipment, air tickets, toys and cloth for the children by Diputación de Sevilla, Ludociencia, Viajes Atlanta, Sevilla FC, Ecija Balompié, Betis Moda, La Caixa, Fundación Roviralta and los amigos de Juan .

Secondly, we would especially like to thank the local people who looked after us, Dr Bernard Boateng-Duah for organizing everything in the three hospital were we worked, we are aware of the amount of extra work for him that means such a large group such as the Spanish one going to Takoradi: Michael Danso, by giving the support of the Takoradi hospital to the project and taking care of the luggage that did not arrive in Accra with us; the girls that looked after us at the house, the lovely Kate, Lilian and Barbara, who are inside everyone s hearts; and of course, to the local professionals of the health systems of Ghana, the nurses, who works together with us these days to perform 100 surgical procedures, always happy and making things easier for us, and to the two local doctors who were involves in the project, Ernest and our friend Dr Frank, who we are going to miss next year in case he move to other part of the country.

This year we had the chance to work in four operating rooms, at the two surgical theatre of Takoradi hospital, at GAPOA and at Nana´s hospital, a small rural hospital surrounded by the jungle with no running water in which doctors are able to help people with very low resources. One hundred surgical procedures in 83 patients were performed in 5 days by a team of Spanish professionals who are very involved in this project. We all are happy to hear that the number or giant hernias are decreasing in the area since the project starts in 2005, which means that things are working and that it is very important to keep supporting the project next years.

This is an analysis of what we did, what we saw and what we think about this year mission, but overall what it is in the deep of our hearts is two basic things: the face of the Ghanaians giving us thanks, with a smile in their face, after the surgery when they were still having pain; and the spirit of friendship of a group of 14 people who leave their family for 8 days and their hospitals and spend an important amount of money out of their own pocket to try to solve a situation to someone who s it. Ana, Fran, Miguel and Hilario, our 4 anaesthesiologists did an extra excellent work by handling very difficulties situations, especially with the little children since they did not have the anaesthetic drugs and only a oxygen needed for a general anaesthesia in these cases, it took more than five hours for a little child to wake up from a general anaesthesia, but they are top professionals and they know how to handle themselves in these situations. Paco, our paediatric surgeons, running from one hospital to another during these days, covering the cases scheduled in each operating theatres, performing the largest hernias he has ever seen, and showing the humanity with children of an experienced surgeon. Manolo, Rosa and Patricia, our 3 nurses, teaching the local nurses how to treat difficult wounds, assistant the surgeons in the OR, supporting the anaesthesiologists during the local, spinal and general anaesthesias and during the advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation needed in some cases to solve very difficulties situations, especially with little children. Salva, Antonio, Juan, María, Marisol, the 5 surgeons, the ones always ready to operate any complex case, like the re-recurrent and giants Ghanaian hernias, and always ready to solve any surgical emergency during these days. And the lovely Virginia, who supported Dr Frank during these days by offering him different solutions to the different cases with the support of the drugs that we brought with us.

Everyone of them had an important mission, the only thing we missed was that it was an important group of professional that could support local nurses and doctors to teach them our knowledge to be adapted to what they have here, but we hope to do it next year, because our dream is to keep being involved in this project and continue our support for the people who need it.

Salvador Morales-Conde