This is the second visit to Bole Hospital in Northern Ghana. The first visit was in November 2010. The team comprised Mr Chris Oppong and My Aby Valliatu.

The Medical Director, Dr Joe Nyuz and his theatre and ward teams should be congratulated for a well organised project. Adequate numbers of staff were mobilised. They were all well motivated.

A whole ward was dedicated to the project. This allowed a smooth and efficient transfer of patients to and from theatre and contributed immensely to success of this campaign. Once again we had good accommodation and were well looked after. We paid a courtesy call on the Bole Chief. He later presented us with a goat and yams.

Outcome: Aby and I performed 97 procedures in 79 patients. This is a rough average of 20 procedures a day!! We worked over only 4.5 days.

The highlight was the repair of huge bilateral femoral hernias. Each of the hernias were associated with a huge varix of the femoral (NOT SAPHENOUS) popliteal junction. The varices were plicated to reduce their size without occluding the lumen of the femoral vein. I had a similar case at Carpenter in 2010 and was assisted by Mr Hanafy. I wonder whether there is an association!

Training: One local surgeon, Dr Abraham Tsetsegah was trained in hernia mesh repair and given some mesh to use in his hospital. We hope to train more surgeons when we visit in November.

Future Development: The Medical Director of BOLE Hospital would like more than 2 Operation Hernia visits a year for both service and training. I will organise some more teams to visit in 2012.

Acknowledgements: We are again grateful to our sponsors – Unisurge; Leonhard Lang; Ansell; MEMS, Derriford Hospital – for their tremendous support.