Pioneering surgery in Easter Europe

Monday 12th September 2011

Soroca District Hospital , Moldova

During a mission to Moldova, Europe’s poorest country, Operation Hernia surgeons routinely used mosquito net mesh for the repair of inguinal and incisional hernias. The surgeons at Soroca District Hospital were taught mesh hernioplasty techniques with this affordable material. See full Report on the page “2011 Missions”

Mosquito net mesh for repair of inguinal hernias in practice

Wednesday 10th August 2011

United Kingdom

Comment by Dr Diana L Farmer concerning Operation Hernia publication on the cost-effectivenes of mosquito net mesh for repair of inguinal hernias in low-income countries published in Archives of Surgery:

“In this article, the authors not only assess the costs and outcomes of hernia repair in terms of DALYs averted but also describe a fabulously clever, inexpensive, amd context-appropriate way to treat this specific surgical disease: using locally available mosquito netting and local/regional anesthesia”.