Friday 28th October 2016


Dear Partners,


I am pleased to inform our partners of the success of the first COSECSA/OPERATION HERNIA TRAINING held in Uganda from September 2-9, 2016.

Operation Hernia was recognised by The College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA) as Trainers in Hernia Surgery in 2015. Nsambya Hospital in Uganda was designated the COSECSA Hernia Centre.

Ten surgical trainees were taken through a comprehensive hands on training by four Consultant Surgeons – Chris Oppong, Roger Watkins, Prof Jacob Akoh all from Plymouth and Tim Brown from Swansea. The 6-day hands-on apprenticeship was preceded by a day of lectures on all relevant aspects of hernia surgery.


I am delighted to announce that the training programme has been an overwhelming success. This is evidenced by the very positive formal feedback from the trainees, assessment by Prof Kakande of COSECSA and his team of surgeons and feedback from the trainers.

At the completion of training the competence of trainees was assessed formally using the UK Royal Colleges of Surgeons assessment tools.

1. Five trainees were assessed as “Able to perform Lichtenstein operation independently”.

2. Four were assessed as “Able to perform with minimal supervision / occasional help”.

3. One was assessed as “Able to perform with supervision”

Prof Kakande has suggested that we repeat the training in the Northern COSECSA sector. This has already been scheduled for May 2017.


Various recommendations proposed by the trainers were discussed at a debrief meeting with Prof Kakande and his team. This included a proposal that fortnightly hernia session be organised to help the trainees further develop and maintain their acquired skills. The first of such follow up training sessions was successfully completed on October 8, 2016.

Thanks for recognition of OPERATION HERNIA Trainers

On behalf of the board of Directors of Operation Hernia and on behalf of the four consultant trainers, I would like to thank the Executive Committee of COSECSA for the trust placed in OPERATION HERNIA consultants and for the opportunity to serve COSECSA and the surgeons of the future. The outcome of the training programme has more than justified the trust.

We hope this programme will become a regular part of COSECSA curriculum, in order to benefit other trainees.

Chris Oppong

Consultant Surgeon

Chairman, Operation Hernia.